How to prepare for your session

Great photos are a product of preparation! Here are some of the things I know will make your session a winner.


Talk to me.

Call me at 321.287.6266.  Talk on the phone or meet with me ahead of time. If you don't feel good about your photographer during the interview, it probably won't get any better during the session.


Show up on time.

You will not feel relaxed enough for good photographs when you are rushed for your appointment and being late will only cut into the generous amount of time allotted for you


Iron your clothing.

Take the time to prepare your clothes as if it were your last chance to get into this business. Bring more clothes than you need so we have plenty to choose from. Only bring clothes you want to be photographed in; I can't reshoot your photos if we pick something you don't like.

Need more help with clothing?  Click HERE.


Have your hair and make-up done.



Make sure your hair looks great. There are no photo tricks to cure untrimmed, improperly colored or otherwise unhealthy looking hair. Men should shave right before appointment. Women should remove any facial hair from eyebrows or lips that you do not want the camera to see.


DO IT YOURSELF? - If your are doing your hair and make-up yourself, have it already done beforehand but bring your own styling products and make-up just in case needed for touch-ups. 


HIRE A PRO? - Use a professional hair and makeup artist if you are not proficient in doing makeup for close-up photography or if you don't feel comfortable styling your hair.  Click HERE for professionals we recommend.


If someone else is deciding whether or not your photos are good (i.e.. Agent, Acting school instructor) have them make sure your "look" is appropriate for your session before you come in. They should pick your clothes and advise you on your hairstyle prior to the session so there is no miscommunication as to the type of photo you need.


Get lots of sleep.

Go to bed earlier than usual.  Do whatever you can to ensure a full nights rest.  If you're tired during your session, it is guaranteed to show in your photos. 


Know what kind of photography you need.

You wouldn't tell a waiter to bring you whatever he thinks you'd like.  Think  about other uses for photos taken during your session (Website, postcards, business cards, etc.) so that you can get the most bang for your buck.


Have a positive attitude.

Forget any bad photo session you may have had; after all, I wasn't there.


Talk to me....again.

Tell me in the studio right away if you have any concerns or complaints about your session, makeup or hair...anything else is unprofessional and almost everything can be fixed digitally.  Re-shoots are not free after you have left the studio.